2019 Ford Ranger 4WD FOX Stage 1 Suspension Package

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2019 Ford Ranger 4WD FOX Stage 1 Suspension Package

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  • Huge improvement in both on and off-road handling
  • Add up to 3" front & handle 1.5" rear leveling
  • Pair of Fox 2.0 front coilovers & 2.0 rear shocks
  • Reduce rake while improving handling
  • Gas-charged monotube internal reservoir design
  • 2" diameter aluminum shock bodies with Eibach spring
  • Drop-in replacements for stock

Complete Package of Front & Rear Leveling

While the 2019 Ford Ranger is certainly capable of getting through off-road terrain, adding some leveling parts can give you a better ride and prevent damage to your midsize truck's bottom. If you're going to raise the suspension of your front, you might as well get some rear suspension upgrades as well. Our friends at FOX offer a Stage 1 Suspension Package for you to upgrade your Ranger all in one place and all for one price!

3" of Front Suspension for 2019 Ford Ranger

This pair of FOX 2.0 IFP Performance Series Front Coilovers have an adjustable ride height from 0" to 3" of lift, making them an effective leveling system to stay scratch-free on rocky terrain. The coilovers come pre-set at 3" out of the box to give you maximum ride height. FOX designs each of their 2.0 coilovers from the ground up to get you maximum performance, improved response, and much better articulation off road.

Built for Performance and Reliability

Each FOX 2.0 coilover is built around a tough aluminum-body, nitrogen-charged coilover shock that's wrapped with a finely-tuned spring that work together to provide excellent suspension performance off-road. While some leveling kits sacrifice ride quality for suspension, these coilovers work without compromising your truck's smooth street ride. Both the body and mounts are made with 6061-T6 aluminum to maximize heat dissipation without losing strength. The coilovers feature a 5/8" chrome-plated, heat-treated shaft with a high-flow piston design and valving that's tuned for your Ranger. The coilover has an internal reservoir design that keeps the specially formulated oil separate from the nitrogen. The 2.0 coilovers have high-quality, redundant seals that make them extremely reliable under even the most extreme conditions.

Improved Rear Suspension Performance and Articulation

The 2019 Ranger's factory rear shocks could perform better when hitting intense off-road trails and don't always work with front end suspension upgrades. Heavy articulation and long wheel travel push factory shocks beyond their valving and can cause problems. This pair of FOX 2.0 aluminum-body rear shocks will replace your stock rear shocks and make your rear suspension just as ready for the trail as your truck's front leveling. Each of these 2.0 FOX shocks can easily handle an extra 1.5" of lift on your truck's rear and were carefully designed to improve articulation, wheel travel, and heat dissipation which makes them one of the best and least-expensive off-road shocks out there.

Aluminum Shocks with Specialized Piston and Valving

Each shock features a body and mounts that are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum to dissipate heat much more efficiently than standard steel shock absorbers. This helps keep fade minimal under heavy articulation. The shocks both have a high-flow Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design built inside a chrome-plated and heat-treated steel shaft with specially tuned valving that gives them impressive performance and response. They also have high-quality redundant seals that help improve reliability in aggressive applications and off-road driving. The shock installs directly in place of your stock shock making for simple installation.

Fitment: These front coilovers were designed for the 2019 Ford Ranger.