fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels (Gold)
fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels (Gold)
fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels (Gold)
fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels (Gold)


fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels (Gold)

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The fifteen52 Tarmac is perhaps the iconic design that best represents everything the company stands for. Bold, durable, purposeful, and the antithesis of trendy; the Tarmac is a classic motorsports wheel that will stand the test of time.

The Tarmac is also the wheel that launched the 52/Ken Block relationship when it first appeared on KB's 650-hp Ford Fiesta rally car in the wildly popular Gymkhana FOUR video and followed that up with an appearance in Gymkhana FIVE.

Also available in Asphalt Black, Rally White and Silverstone Grey.

Gymkhana Ready

Ken Block Tested, Tarmac Approved

For many, their first introduction to the Fifteen52 Tarmac was Ken Block’s Gymkhana series. From there, the simple design aesthetic and classic styling of the Fifteen52 Tarmac has allowed it to become a classic.

Lug Hardware

Standardized Fitment

All Fifteen52 wheels utilize 60-degree tapered lug seats and will work with any standard lug hardware.

TPMS Fitment

Fifteen52 Wheels Accept TPMS Sensors

TPMS sensors have become commonplace on modern vehicles and during the design phase, we ensure that all of our wheels accept factory TPMS sensors. Fifteen52 Wheels are designed to accept standard valve stems. For a custom 52 touch, customers are welcome to order a set of Fifteen52 Aluminum Valve Stems with their wheel orders.