Focus TrackSTer Front Brake Duct Kits

Yup. Only took us ten years or so, but with the help of Jordan from Beeks Design (check out their Focus ST Deep Dish Front Grille kits in our Focus ST product section), we finally put the Focus TrackSTer front brake ducts into production. Delivery is expected next month (July) and the sample set we received and test-fit to the Beeks demo Focus fit absolutely perfectly.

We're really proud of this kit: beside the fact we're one of the few companies still making parts for these cars, the design is very OE in nature and application. We used the factory OE fog light grille clips in our tooling, so installation is truly plug-and-play.

These kits work with or without our Project RST front cup spoilers: some minor trimming of the cup spoilers is required for proper fitment.

You have the option of using these replacement pieces with your existing fog lights as a purely cosmetic mod, or, go for the Performance kit option and we include a duct piece that mounts in the place of the fog light and works as a ram-air funnel to help cool your front brakes. Add some 3" hosing (not included) and you can direct the cool air directly to your brakes (we recommend cutting a 3" hole in your front fender liner and secure the hose to it).

Our parts are made of OE-quality heavy-duty black urethane and should be close to indestructible (this is just marketing-speak: we know that with our customers nothing is indestructible). The parts need minimal prep-work for paint, but make sure your body-shop knows all the ins and outs for prepping and painting urethane parts.

We've only ordered 50 kits for this production run (we really have no idea how well they may or may not sell), and the pre-order is live right now and includes a $30 discount. Make sure you tell all your 2013/14 Focus ST friends about these: if they do sell well, we'd love to make these for the 2015+ FoST, as well well as the Fiesta ST too.

You can order your kit here: