About Us

Project RST is the result of a passion by fifteen52 co-owners, Brad Beardow and Matt Crooke, for Ford's ST and RS generations of performance vehicles. 

In 2011, WRC and Gymkhana personality Ken Block, along with Ford Performance, hired the team from fifteen52 in Southern California to help them market the soon-to-be US-launched 2013 Focus ST - that campaign was called Project ST (upon the release of the 2016 Focus RS, Project ST naturally became Project RST).

With the help of Mountune USA and several other industry partners, we created three distinctly different Focus ST builds. One was designed to be a streetable track-rat (TrackSTer), another was to be Ken Block's personal daily driver (Block STyle), and the third was aimed at the stance crowd (STanced).

Each build incorporated different fifteen52 wheels (naturally), various Mountune performance parts, and a host of suspension, braking, and interior upgrades; each was styled according to the vision of fifteen52 team members. 

Not only were the three Focus STs well-received by the enthusiast community, all of us at fifteen52 fell in love with the cars and the very same community that embraced them.

What was supposed to be only a 12-month campaign, over time morphed into what you see here: a one-stop shopping destination for all the very best products the aftermarket has to offer for the Ford vehicles we all love best.

Whether you own an ST or an RS, or even an EcoBoost Ranger or Raptor, we want to help you enjoy your Ford even more than you ever thought possible.